“We want all of our guests to feel at home and enjoy Nunu every bit as much as we do. We are proud of our hotel and content in the knowledge that it reflects the thought and care we have put into every last detail. We have worked hard to create a special place, made even better by the beautiful landscapes that surround it, along with all the history that Cusco has to offer.”

Javier and Michele

Nunu is located in Lamay (2,950 meters above sea level), a small town situated 45 minutes from the city of Cusco, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, on the banks of the Vilcanota River (also known as the Urubamba). The hotel offers a stunning view of snowcapped Mount Pitusiray, one the most important Apus (Quechua for “mountains”) in the area, and sits just a short distance from the Hucchuy Qosco archaeological complex. Nestled among towering mountains—which may be green, yellow, or brown, depending on the season—Nunu offers breathtaking landscapes wherever you look.

Javier and Michele have taken painstaking care with even the tiniest of details to ensure that their guests enjoy the unique energy and magic of the Sacred Valley. The luxurious 300 thread count sheets—made from 100% Peruvian cotton—with silk-filled bamboo comforters on king-sized beds will make it hard to get out of bed in the mornings, while the abundant hot water and soft towels make the bathrooms an almost mystical experience.

A Day at Nunu

Guests will awaken to the tempting aroma of Andean bread, fresh out of the oven, which they can enjoy with a glass of hand-squeezed orange juice, fresh fruits, and eggs, along with many other local products, such as cheese, butter, jams, honeys, and different Andean grains, as well as coffee, milk, and yogurt.

With dinner reservations, guests can choose from a range of homemade meals, such as delicious traditional Andean soups and creams, choclo con queso (corn on the cob with cheese), different quiches, quinoa dishes, pizzas, and all kinds of meats roasted in the wood-fired mud oven, accompanied by tubers, legumes, and vegetables grown right on the hotel grounds.

Nunu has small gardens where guests can select the vegetables or legumes of their choice for their salads or dishes. Lettuce, beets, carrots, corn, radishes, and more are always on hand for guests, all organic, all delicious.

Andean-Inspired Architecture

The inspiration behind Nunu comes from Andean buildings made from adobe, mud, and tiles. The terrace and the stone walls were built based on ancestral traditions, working piece by piece to ensure a perfect fit. Rounded stones from the river were also used for the bathrooms and the well.

Recycle and Reuse

Most of the objects that decorate Nunu were found at “El Baratillo,” a Saturday market that runs for blocks and blocks near downtown Cusco. All types of curiosities, from skeins of wool yarn to antiques and other interesting objects, have been reused and reinvented.

For Javier, each visit to El Baratillo became a real treasure hunt and a newfound passion. The forged iron chandeliers that hang from the hotel’s ceilings, the benches in the restaurant, the tables, chairs, doors, rugs, and blankets were all discovered in the market, each object coming with its own special story.

For her part, Michele took charge of assembling all of these finds, recycling and transforming them into items that give the hotel its unique personality. The furniture and objects that decorate the rooms reveal her artistic touch: throw pillows and bed throws made from traditional Cusqueño fabrics or lovely polleras (traditional Andean skirts), along with nightstands, mirrors, coat hangers, and curtains.

A One-of- a-Kind Ambiance

Nunu’s dazzling ambiance is the result of Javier and Michele’s hard work and vision, and the care they have put into this project. The hotel’s decorations—many of them from the past century—include radios, sewing machines, antique irons, cobbler’s lasts, brass trays, metal milk crates, shelves, flower pots, furniture, books, paraffin lamps, kitchen utensils, scales, skeins of alpaca and sheep’s wool yarn, old doors, and much more. Each room is special, and every nook and cranny of Nunu offers a unique ambiance that invites guests to submerge themselves in the charm of this special place.

  • Internet access is available in all public areas of the hotel