Inspired to leave behind city life in Lima, Javier and Michele bought a 5,000 square foot plot of land in Lamay, Cusco. Part of their idea was to build a country house that they could rent out part-time, whenever they weren’t using it. Ultimately, the idea of that country house transformed into a lovely little six-room hotel.

Javier and Michele’s vision was to offer a place where guests felt welcome, comfortable, and relaxed, a place where they could enjoy the unique energy and magic of the Sacred Valley.

With this in mind, they began to toss around different options for the hotel’s name, including names in Quechua that alluded to its proximity to the river. Then it occurred to Javier that they could use the nickname given to Bruni, Michele’s mother. Bruni had been affectionately known as “Nunu” ever since her eldest son had inadvertently “rechristened” her, since he had trouble pronouncing her name as a little boy. Nunu was a special person, always warm and friendly, who enjoyed attending to her guests and making sure they had a comfortable, pleasant, and hospitable stay. The hotel was named after her as a tribute to this wonderful woman.

“We feel that we have inherited her warmth and the gusto she always showed in attending to guests. For us, it is the most meaningful name in the world.”

Javier and Michele